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I’m a self-taught baker with an enormous sweet tooth – who doesn’t have one? – and a love for all things beautiful.  I’ve never thought of myself as artistic – I can hardly draw a straight line. However, baking is another thing altogether. Something about the science and creativity of baking, mixed with bringing joy to others, makes it the perfect fit for me. I currently work full time in downtown Houston, nerding it over spreadsheets by day. During nights and weekends, I work on Belia’s Bakes to perfect my skills and to experiment when inspiration strikes. When I’m not nerding out or baking, I am either enjoying my time with my husband and 2 furry children or I’m out on the sand volleyball courts.

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Beth K


Family Influence

Baked goods with love

Growing up, I baked watched my mother bake, especially around Christmas time, creating delicious cookies and dessert breads. I was more the taste tester than the baker in those days. I also believe that baking is a science and I get my methodical curiosity from my father who recently retired from 20 years as a high school chemistry and physics teacher.

My first memory of baking was around middle school when I attempted a chocolate bundt cake. Not so easy. I remember it falling out of the cake pan in crumbs. My grandmother, Belia, was right there to laugh at my attempt and remark, “At least it tastes better than it looks!” Sadly, we lost her in early 2018. I named Belia’s Bakes in honor of this fun, sassy woman.

Belia’s Bakes

Belia’s Bakes is a home bakery located in Houston, TX, inside the Loop. Our bespoke treats are baked fresh to order, using only the best, high-quality ingredients. Contact us today to see how we can make your event a little sweeter. We look forward to celebrating with you!


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