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Belia’s Bakes is a home bakery located in Houston, TX, inside the Loop. Our bespoke treats are baked fresh to order, using only the best, high-quality ingredients. Thank you again for your order and for supporting our small business. We look forward to baking for you!


Payment Information

Payment can be made through cash (preferred), venmo (@betherton), or Zelle ( We are not accepting credit cards at this time.

A non-refundable retainer is required at the time of booking to secure your order and date. Without this, we will not hold your date. Priority will be given to the paying customer. All final payments are due two weeks prior to your event date. If payments are not made by the due date, the order may be cancelled or incur a rush order fee.

  • For orders under $250, the retainer payment is 100 percent.
  • For orders over $250, the retainer payment is 50 percent.

An order is considered a Rush Order when placed or not secured less than 14 days prior to the reservation date.

Rush orders will be accepted when possible and may incur an additional 10% to the cost of the total order.


Cancellation of Order

Refunds or deposits are not provided for any reason. Due to our full schedule, our attention to detail, and the custom nature of items and services, we spend many hours planning and preparing before even beginning on an order. The deposit paid prior to cancellation will be forfeited.

Event Date Change Policy/Rescheduling of Order 

With at least a 30 day notice of original order due date, one reschedule of the order is allowed. The rescheduled order shall take place within 60 days of notification. Original security deposit will be applied towards the rescheduled order. Upon signing the contract, Belia’s Bakes, in the event of a date change, will make every effort, to the exclusion of other booked dates, to reschedule the order.

Belia’s Bakes takes pride in making your desserts and cakes. If you are unhappy with your order and/or purchase, please notify us immediately (within 24 hours of pick-up) of your concern and return your dessert to us. We will give you credit for the amount returned for use toward a future purchase. All refunds will be provided as in-store credit. 

Terms and Conditions

This food is made in a home kitchen and is not inspected by the Department of State Health Services or a local health department. As such, all products may contain or come into contact with the following allergens: Eggs, Nuts, Soy, Peanuts, Milk, and/or Wheat.

Belia’s is not a nut-free bakery; all of our baked goods are prepared on location. Our products may contain or come into contact with milk, wheat, nuts, soy, and other allergens. You agree to notify your guests of this risk and hold us harmless for allergic reactions.


Delivery is only available for wedding orders or large bakery orders (orders over $250). The fee is $1/mile round trip between the event and the bakery. The distance will be determined by the shortest distance as calculated with Google Maps. There is a minimum delivery fee of $30. We are located inside the loop, Houston, TX. This includes set-up and travel time, and requires a contract.

Belia’s Bakes does not offer delivery for small orders at this time. 

We are not responsible for any damage to the dessert order after setup is complete. You are responsible for providing an appropriate and secure table and environment for the dessert(s).


If you or your representative chooses to pick up your dessert(s) and transport it yourself, you assumed all liability and responsibility for the condition of the cake once it leaves Belia’s Bakes possession. You should prepare your vehicle so it is clean and free of items that could roll or slide into the cake. We do everything in our power to provide a well-structured cake, but please note that cakes are very fragile and break easily. Drive carefully and slowly.

Custom cakes are designed to serve the number of people you specify. Our cake serving amounts are based on party-sized portions of 1.5 in x 2 in or smaller wedding portions of 1 in x 2 in. If you are serving larger slices of cake and run out, we are not responsible to provide additional cake. Custom cakes are designed to serve the number of people you specify. Our cake serving amounts are based on party-sized portions of 1.5 in x 2 in or smaller wedding portions of 1 in x 2 in. If you are serving larger slices of cake and run out, we are not responsible to provide additional cake.


Any dessert placed outside during an event has the possibility of melting or deforming due to the heat. We are not liable for a product once it has been delivered or picked up.

Belia’s Bakes reserves the right to post photographs/ images of any of our work on our website and other social media sites (with the exception of images showing the faces of customers without their prior written permission).

Cake Care Guide

When carrying your cake, please place both hands under the cake, being careful to keep hands under the cake center. Keep the cake level at all times.


Pick up or delivery is best done in the early morning and/or in a very cool, air conditioned car. Make sure you have enough room in your car for the size cake you are purchasing. Larger specialty cakes do not come with a box. Please have a have a clean and level space available. If you do not have a clean level space, please bring someone to hold the cake.


Keep the cake cool and away from direct sunlight. Please make sure you have a flat surface in your car to transport your cake. Most cakes will fit on the front floor board. Larger cakes will need to travel in the back of an SUV or wagon. Please avoid putting it on a slanted car seat or any area with a slant, placing it on the floor board is the best option.


Don’t squeeze the sides of the box because the frosting may stick to the box. When carrying or transporting your cake, please place both hands underneath the cake to support the cake and the board. If you will be traveling with your cake after you take it home, it is recommended to keep the cake refrigerated so the cake will be nice and firm for travel and of course, drive carefully and avoid slamming your brakes or turning sharply.


Run knife between cake bottom and cake board. Use a long knife to cut slices, cleaning blade with damp towel between cuts if possible. Do not cut yourself. Watch for and remove all dowels, sugar flowers, sugar characters and support material before serving.

The cake should be refrigerated up to 1-3 hours before serving. Remove cake from refrigerator and let sit at room temperature to develop best flavor and texture. Tiered cakes take longer to warm up, so let sit at least 2 hours before serving. Store leftover cake in refrigerator. (Red Velvet, Carrot, Fruit and cakes with Cream Cheese Frosting should stay refrigerated up to 30 minutes to 1 hour before serving). Keep cakes away from direct sunlight, moisture and heat, as they may fade or melt.

Please note all of our cakes contain dairy, egg and gluten. We are not a nut-free company.

Sugar Flowers, figurines and many sugar decorations are very delicate, don’t touch them if possible, once the cake is delivered or picked up, all responsibility belongs to the client.

Again, after delivery or pick up, all responsibility belongs to the client.