About Belia’s

Hi, I’m Beth, owner and baker at Belia’s Bakes. What started as bringing desserts to potlucks has grown into a bespoke bakery. 

I’m a self-taught baker with an enormous sweet tooth – who doesn’t have one? – and a love for all things beautiful.  I’ve never thought of myself as artistic – I can hardly draw a straight line. However, baking is another thing altogether. Something about the science and creativity of baking, mixed with bringing joy to others, makes it the perfect fit for me.

Belia’s Bakes is named in honor of my late grandmother who was always so unapologetically loving, supportive, and sassy.

Beth K


Bespoke Treats

Made Just For You

Our custom desserts are baked fresh to order, using only the best and highest quality of ingredients. Send us a note today to see how we can make your event a little sweeter. We look forward to celebrating with you!


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Email: beth@beliasbakes.com
Facebook Messenger: m.me/BeliasBakes
Facebook Page: @beliasbakes
Instagram Profile: @beliasbakes

Houston, TX

Belia’s Bakes is home bakery located in the Heights/Timbergrove area of Houston, TX





6 inch (serves 9-14)
8 inch (serves 20-24)
10 inch (serves 28-38)


sold by the dozen
one flavor per dozen


sold by the dozen
mix and match


sold by the dozen
3-4 designs per dozen

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What we do

Handmade Baked Goods with Love

Belia’s Bakes operates as a home bakery under the Texas Cottage Food Law. The products sold from here are made in a home kitchen and are not inspected by the Department of State Health Services or a local health department.



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